CAFA Canadian Fashion Awards April 2016

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The 3rd CAFA Canadian Fashion Awards took place on Friday, April 15th, 2016 at the Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto.

A stylish and glamorous evening, the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards unites artists and influencers from all over the world to celebrate the diversity and creativity inherent in the Canadian fashion community.

The Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) was created to recognize, promote and support outstanding achievement and emerging talent in the Canadian fashion industry. This year Michael Brownstein, President of Browns chaired the awards.


Maripier Morin Model
Maripier Morin Model
Winnie Harlow Model
lisa Tant
Fashion Designer Wayne Clark LEFT
Hoax Couture Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell with friend middle
Fashion Designer David Dixon left
Christopher Bates Men Wear Designer
Christopher Bates Men Wear Designer
Christopher Bates Men Wear Designer
Natasha Koifman NKPR

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