Ryerson Mass Ex Fashion Shows April 2016

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Mass Exodus is the Ryerson School of Fashion’s end-of-year event. It is planned and executed by third year fashion communication and creative industries students, with the purpose of showcasing the final capstone projects of fourth year Design and Communication students fashion program, Mass Exodus has grown to what it is today: a high caliber student-run fashion event.

This year Todd Lynn, London-based fashion designer and Ryerson Fashion Design alumnus, was the curator of the show. Known for his Rock ‘n’ Roll aesthetic, Lynn has collaborated with music’s most iconic stars. His past clients include U2, The Rolling Stones, Courtney Love, Jared Leto, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. Lynn

Ryerson Mass Exodus


Fashion Host Jeanne Beker
Super Model Stacey McKenzie
Super Model Stacey McKenzie
Super Model Stacey McKenzie

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