Pulchritudinous Genesis launch Party January 2016

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Hendrixroe and wearenxtlvl held their fashion premiere of Pulchritudinous Genesis starring Cameron Geddes at the Camera Gallery in January

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Camera007cover Camera115cover Camera132cover Camera100cover Camera022 Camera016 Camera014 Camera012 Camera010 Camera008 Camera007 Camera006 Camera005 Camera003 Camera001 Camera025 Camera024 Camera023 Camera019 Camera017 Camera055 Camera052 Camera049 Camera047 Camera044 Camera042 Camera041 Camera039 Camera038 Camera036 Camera033 Camera031 Camera030 Camera028 Camera027 Camera059 Camera087 Camera084 Camera083 Camera082 Camera077 Camera075 Camera061 Camera074 Camera071 Camera070 Camera068 Camera065 Camera063 Camera067 Camera103 Camera098 Camera095 Camera090 Camera089 Camera088 Camera114 Camera111 Camera106 Camera129 Camera127 Camera125 Camera122Camera100coverCamera060Camera066cover

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