TOM Mens Fashion 4 Hope March 2017

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MensFashion4Hope Celebrity Walk-a-thon is a special charitable initiative at TOM* to raise funds for the Kol Hope Foundation for Children. All proceeds are donated to the SickKids Hospital via the Kol Hope Fund at SickKids to help improve the condition and lives of children with congenital diseases. The mission of the Kol Hope Foundation for Children is to show love, compassion and support for all Children with disabilities.

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TOMMensFashion4Hope339cover TOMMensFashion4Hope310cover TOMMensFashion4Hope002 TOMMensFashion4Hope003 TOMMensFashion4Hope008 TOMMensFashion4Hope010 TOMMensFashion4Hope020 TOMMensFashion4Hope030 TOMMensFashion4Hope031 TOMMensFashion4Hope040 TOMMensFashion4Hope045 TOMMensFashion4Hope051 TOMMensFashion4Hope053 TOMMensFashion4Hope064 TOMMensFashion4Hope071 TOMMensFashion4Hope081 TOMMensFashion4Hope087 TOMMensFashion4Hope094 TOMMensFashion4Hope098 TOMMensFashion4Hope105 TOMMensFashion4Hope110 TOMMensFashion4Hope118 TOMMensFashion4Hope124 TOMMensFashion4Hope128 TOMMensFashion4Hope135 TOMMensFashion4Hope147 TOMMensFashion4Hope150 TOMMensFashion4Hope166 TOMMensFashion4Hope171 TOMMensFashion4Hope183 TOMMensFashion4Hope190 TOMMensFashion4Hope201 TOMMensFashion4Hope215 TOMMensFashion4Hope227TOMMensFashion4Hope252cover TOMMensFashion4Hope101cover

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