TOM Mens Fashion Week Party Fall/Winter 2017

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TOM Spring/Summer Toronto Men’s Fashion Week was held at the waterworks this year. TOM is the eighth Men’s Fashion Week in the world. TOM* promoting awareness of Canadian menswear on the world stage with cutting-edge runway shows and presentations, TOM* represents the new millennial man who is unashamed about loving fashion and dressing for success.

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TOMParty001 TOMParty017 TOMParty003 TOMParty005 TOMParty007 TOMParty009 TOMParty099 TOMParty102 TOMParty106 TOMParty109 TOMParty111 TOMParty112 TOMParty114 TOMParty117 TOMParty119 TOMParty120 TOMParty122 TOMParty123 TOMParty124 TOMParty125 TOMParty126 TOMParty127 TOMParty129 TOMParty131 TOMParty135TOMParty012 TOMParty013 TOMParty014 TOMParty015 TOMParty017 TOMParty020 TOMParty022 TOMParty023 TOMParty026 TOMParty027 TOMParty030 TOMParty031 TOMParty033 TOMParty034 TOMParty038 TOMParty039 TOMParty041 TOMParty043 TOMParty046 TOMParty047 TOMParty049 TOMParty051 TOMParty053 TOMParty056 TOMParty058 TOMParty060 TOMParty064 TOMParty066 TOMParty071 TOMParty073 TOMParty078 TOMParty080 TOMParty082 TOMParty086 TOMParty088 TOMParty090 TOMParty091 TOMParty092 TOMParty093 TOMParty095TOMParty029 TOMParty063 TOMParty104 TOMParty115

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