Cashmere Fashion Show Sept17

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White Cashmere Collection fashion show held at the ROM this year in support of the breast cancer cause. This year’s designs were (made out of luxurious Cashmere Bathroom Tissue!) were created by 16 students from across the country and walked the runway in front of a live panel of judges! The collection debuted in 2004 as a showcase for the brilliance of Canada’s fashion designers and their creations in sumptuous cashmere fabric. Cashmere BT as its fabric after the first two years. The collection further evolved in 2008 to highlight Fashion with Compassion™ and the launch of new, limited-edition Pink Cashmere®, Canada’s first coloured bathroom tissue in a decade. A fund-and-awareness-raiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, twenty-five cents from the sale of each package goes directly to the Foundation. Judging Canada’s Next Gen Designers Three #Cashmere17 finalists were selected to receive Cashmere fashion bursaries to fuel their fashion design dreams (First prize $4,000, Second $2,000 and Third $1,000). Judges include philanthropist Suzanne Rogers; Leading fashion designer and Cashmere Alum David Dixon; Susan Langdon, Executive Director, Toronto Fashion Incubator; Jeff Rustia, Founder and Executive Director, Toronto Woman’s Fashion Week and Toronto Men’s Fashion Week; and Lolitta Dandoy, famed Quebec blogger and breast cancer survivor. Canadian fashion designer Farley Chatto, who has been with the collection since 2004, returns as Artistic Director this year

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