ICFF Italian Film Festival Moda Fashion Show June 2018

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ICFF Moda Fashion Event held in Yorkville had Ryerson fashion student designers as well as established Designers held a fashion show of their collections for the VIP’s in attendance at, 140 Yorkville Avenue. The best student designer won an award for best collection after the judges picked the winner after the seeing the collections on the Runway. Appetizers and beer and wine were served for all the guests. Inaugurated as a grassroots non-profit film festival in 2012, the Italian Contemporary Film Festival has grown to become one of the largest Italian film festivals outside of Italy. Each year, the ICFF is proud to present an inspiring lineup – the best from newly released Italian and international cinema. The ICFF is presented in a variety of Canadian cities including: Toronto, Vaughan, Vancouver, Hamilton, Montreal and Quebec City. Using the power of the moving image to both entertain and educate, ICFF defies conventional perspectives on complex and challenging issues facing both the Italian and global communities. All ICFF films are subtitled in English (or French in the Province of Quebec) as most are in Italian or other foreign languages. Every year the festival presents an international collection of feature films, documentaries, and shorts, including premieres, advance screenings, and independent films. Screenings are supplemented by guest appearances by filmmakers, actors, authors, academics and other expert speakers and complemented by Q&A sessions

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