TOM Mens Fashion Week Event September 2017

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TOM Fall/Winter Toronto Men’s Fashion Week was held at I Yonge St, Toronto Start his year. TOM is the eighth Men’s Fashion Week in the world. TOM* promoting awareness of Canadian menswear on the world stage with cutting-edge runway shows and presentations, TOM* represents the new millennial man who is unashamed about loving fashion and dressing for success. Canada Fashion Group also announced ONE YONGE, as its new venue and home for the two fashion weeks. The massive landmark venue, boasts over 50,000 square feet of space. The runway room l featured the longest runway In Canadian fashion history and the largest LED screen of its kind in Canada. It will be the new home to Canada’s most iconic designers and the next generation of emerging talent, showcasing the best in Canadian fashion for the Spring/Summer 2018 season.

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