Cocktail Crawl December 2017

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Cocktail Crawl held the Uptown Loft on Yonge had an exclusive, members-only,networking event designed for sophisticated professionals, upscale urbanites and business entrepreneurs. Cocktail Crawl Social Club recognizes the importance of diversity welcomed new immigrant professionals. The members are smart, driven and passionate. They come from all industries and sectors including media, communications, arts and technology. Members shared the opportunities and ideas, discussed their business and created partnerships and friendships that last.

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CocktailCrawl29 CocktailCrawl28 CocktailCrawl27 CocktailCrawl26 CocktailCrawl24 CocktailCrawl23 CocktailCrawl22 CocktailCrawl21 CocktailCrawl20 CocktailCrawl17 CocktailCrawl15 CocktailCrawl14 CocktailCrawl12 CocktailCrawl80 CocktailCrawl79 CocktailCrawl78 CocktailCrawl77 CocktailCrawl76 CocktailCrawl75 CocktailCrawl74 CocktailCrawl73 CocktailCrawl72 CocktailCrawl71 CocktailCrawl69 CocktailCrawl68 CocktailCrawl64 CocktailCrawl63 CocktailCrawl62 CocktailCrawl60 CocktailCrawl57 CocktailCrawl55 CocktailCrawl53 CocktailCrawl51 CocktailCrawl48 CocktailCrawl46 CocktailCrawl44 CocktailCrawl40 CocktailCrawl38 CocktailCrawl37 CocktailCrawl35 CocktailCrawl32 CocktailCrawl31 CocktailCrawl10 CocktailCrawl09 CocktailCrawl08 CocktailCrawl07 CocktailCrawl05 CocktailCrawl04 CocktailCrawl03 CocktailCrawl02

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