Power Ball 21 June 2019

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The 21st annual Powerball took place at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery on June 6th 2019. Entitled Powerball: 21 Club, the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery held their most sought out event of the year in collaboration with Holt Renfrew. The art gallery was transformed into a bustling party with interactive art exhibits to catch the attention of each guest. Live entertainers, playing big band music, greeted guests as they walked through the neon lit hallways of the art gallery. The many art installations included a lobster hanging from the ceiling (Centerpiece by Sarah Keenlyside) in a room filled with Krispy Kreme donuts and chocolate fondu, a Tron inspired room (Tron209 by Bruno Billio) with a noodle dish from Planta and a glow-in-the-dark drink (with vegan caviar), an installation sponsored by Bunz encouraging guests to write out eco-friendly statements in glow-in-the-dark markers, an installation by Bumble asking guests to reflect on male toxicity, and multiple outdoor installations along the harbour including two huge inflated human figured (Sleeping Giants 1998 by Max Streicher). Among all of these installations were multiple delcious food and beverage options ranging from decadent fried chicken with aioli and pickles to cauliflower pizza and more. Not only were many of the art installations interactive, entertainment for the evening also included multiple DJ’s, live drag performances and a roulette board where guests could win candy or shots of alcohol with cotton candy added for a sweet twist. The evening finsihed off as another successful fundraiser for the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and one of the first major arties to put summer in full swing.

Guest writer Hillary LeBlanc @cropberry

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