SMASH Nourish June 2019

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SMASH: Nourish was a night of bold artwork, delicious cuisine, refreshing drinks, and invigorating experiences. Art directed by RBC Senior Curator Corrie Jackson and hosted by the Gardiner Museum Young Patron Circle, SMASH: Nourish brought together leading Canadian contemporary artists for a vibrant party dripping with creativity. This event sells out every year so get your tickets early! This year, SMASH explored and experimented with different forms of nourishment: food and drink, good company and conversation, and of course, art—all of which provided deep and rich sustenance. To nourish is a positive action associated with thoughtfulness, reflection, strength, and support. It can mean caring for yourself and for others through small habitual examples of nourishment or bold gestures. About SMASH SMASH is the Gardiner Museum’s annual art party hosted by the Young Patron Circle. It’s a night when the next generation of artists, arts enthusiasts, and cultural philanthropists come together to celebrate the city’s vibrant arts community and see how young Canadian artists are pushing the boundaries of their media.

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