Art With Heart October 2019

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Art With Heart the art auction for Casey House, Ontario’s HIV/AIDS hospital was again at the AGO and they have raised over $750,000 for innovative HIV/AIDS hospital

Casey House is a specialty HIV hospital that provides holistic, expert clinical care; Canada’s first and only stand-alone hospital for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Casey House is still one of the few places where people with HIV/AIDS can seek care without judgment.  More than a place that saves lives, there a place that speaks up, shines understanding through compassion, and empowers their clients to get better.   Give clients’ humanity more visible than their disease.But they can only do it with your help, and need your support today more than ever.  Why?  Because today, more people in Toronto are living with HIV than in 1988, when they first opened their doors.

For as long as they are needed, Casey House will be here, continually adapting to support the diverse health care needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in our community.

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