Boobyball October 2019

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Boobyball was back again at REBEL Nightclub and this year.

Complimentary food and drinks were served all night partygoers played dress up to the theme, interactive experiences, live performances, and more! Boobyball presented what shimmers and shines in the deep blue night? Guests Plunge into an exotic underworld where the mythical and fantastical came to life at Canada’s hottest fundraiser in support of Rethink Breast Cancer’s work to impact young women affected by breast cancer, through education, advocacy and support. Why Boobyball? Everyone is affected by breast cancer. Everybody knows someone living with breast cancer. Boobyball is an easy way to show your support for the ones you love and have a good time doing it. What started out as friends showing a bestie “we got your back” has now grown to be one of the most fun, interactive and coveted fundraising events in Canada! Rethink Breast Cancer’s mission is to empower young people worldwide who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer. Rethink is the first ever Canadian charity to bring bold, relevant awareness to the 40s and under crowd; foster a new generation of young and influential breast cancer supporters; infuse sass and style into the cause; and, most importantly, respond to the unique needs of young women going through it.

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